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Phrasal verbs (5)

English Grammer in Use の Phrasal verbs な節、控えの続きです。

このシリーズですが、今回で終わりです。つうか以降は問題集になってるので再読するか問題解くかどっちが良いのかな。あ、違うや Appendix になってるので確認の方向かな。Additional Exersize は再読しつつ確認の方向で。

up (2)


  • bring up a topic etc : introduce it in a conversation
  • come up : be introduced in a conversation
  • come up with _an idea, a suggestion etc : produce an idea
  • make something up : invent something that is not true
  • cheer up : be happier
  • cheer somebody up : make somebody feel happier
  • save up for something / to do something : save money to buy something
  • clear up : become bright
  • blow up : explode
  • blow something up : destroy it with a bomb etc
  • tear something up : tear it into pieces
  • beat somebody up : hit someone repeatedly so that they are badly hurt
  • break up / split up (with somebody) : separate
  • do up a coat, a shoelace, buttons etc : fasten tie etc
  • do up a building, a room etc : repair and improve it
  • look something up in a dictionary, encyclopaedia etc
  • put up with something : tolerate it
  • hold up a person, a plan etc : delay
  • mix up people/things, get people/things mixed up : you think one is the other

away / back

  • away : away from home
  • away : away from a place, a person etc
    • drive away, fly away, blow away, take away, walk away, run away, look away
  • back : back home
  • back : back to a place, a person etc
    • be back, walk back, give something back, put something back, go back, come back, get back, take something back

other verbs + away

  • get away : escape, leave with difficulty
  • get away with something : do something wrong without being caught
  • keep away (from …) : don’t go near
  • give something away : give it to somebody else because you don’t want it any more
  • put something away : put it in the place where it is kept, usually out of sight
  • throw something away : put it in the rubbish

other verbs + back

  • wave back / smile back / sout back / write back / hit somebody back
  • call/phone/ring (somebody) back : return a phone call
  • get back to somebody : reply to them by phone etc
  • look back (on something) : think about what happened in the past
  • pay back money, pay somebody back

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