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English Grammer in Use の Phrasal verbs な節、控えを取ってみます。


  • drop in : visit somebody for a short time without arranging to do this
  • join in : take part in an activity that is already going on
  • plug in an electrical machine : connect it to the electricity supply
  • fill in a form, aquestionnaire : write the necessary information on a form
  • take somebody in : deceive somebody


  • eat out : eat at a restaurant, not at home
  • drop out of college, university, a cource, a race : stop before you have completely finished a cource/race etc
  • get out of something that you arranged to do : avoid doing it
  • cut something out (of a newspaper etc)
  • leave something out : omit it, not include it
  • cross something out / rub something out

out (2)

  • out : not burning, not shining
  • work out : do physical exercises
  • work out : develop, progress
  • work out (for mathematical calculations)
  • work something out : calculate, think about a problem and find the answer
  • carry out an order, an experiment, a survey, an investigation, a plan etc
  • fall out (with somebody) : stop being friends
  • find out that/what/when, find out about something : get information
  • give/hand things out : give to each person
  • point something out (to somebody) : draw attention to something
  • run out (of something) : use all something
  • sort something out : find a solution to, put in order
  • turn out to be …, turn out good/nice etc
  • try out a machine, a system, a new idea etc : test it to see if it is OK

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