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Phoenix Json Tutorial

開発用の Docker なナニがあるってことでそれを利用する方向です。

とりあえず、でびあん号で、って思ったら docker-compose が駄目らしい。最新のでびあん、ってバージョンどうなってるんだろう。手元のソレは

$ cat debian_version

らしい。仕方ないので MBA で確認すすめます。


微妙なので cloud9 でやってみることに。


$ sudo touch /etc/init.d/couchdb
$ wget https://packages.erlang-solutions.com/erlang-solutions_1.0_all.deb
$ sudo dpkg -i erlang-solutions_1.0_all.deb
$ sudo apt-get update
$ sudo apt-get install elixir
$  mix archive.install https://github.com/phoenixframework/archives/raw/master/phx_new.ez
Are you sure you want to install "https://github.com/phoenixframework/archives/raw/master/phx_new.ez"? [Yn] 
$ mix phoenix.new hello_phoenix
* creating hello_phoenix/config/config.exs
* creating hello_phoenix/config/dev.exs
* creating hello_phoenix/config/prod.exs
* creating hello_phoenix/config/prod.secret.exs
* creating hello_phoenix/config/test.exs
* creating hello_phoenix/lib/hello_phoenix.ex
* creating hello_phoenix/lib/hello_phoenix/endpoint.ex
* creating hello_phoenix/test/views/error_view_test.exs
* creating hello_phoenix/test/support/conn_case.ex
* creating hello_phoenix/test/support/channel_case.ex
* creating hello_phoenix/test/test_helper.exs
* creating hello_phoenix/web/channels/user_socket.ex
* creating hello_phoenix/web/router.ex
* creating hello_phoenix/web/views/error_view.ex
* creating hello_phoenix/web/web.ex
* creating hello_phoenix/mix.exs
* creating hello_phoenix/README.md
* creating hello_phoenix/web/gettext.ex
* creating hello_phoenix/priv/gettext/errors.pot
* creating hello_phoenix/priv/gettext/en/LC_MESSAGES/errors.po
* creating hello_phoenix/web/views/error_helpers.ex
* creating hello_phoenix/lib/hello_phoenix/repo.ex
* creating hello_phoenix/test/support/model_case.ex
* creating hello_phoenix/priv/repo/seeds.exs
* creating hello_phoenix/.gitignore
* creating hello_phoenix/brunch-config.js
* creating hello_phoenix/package.json
* creating hello_phoenix/web/static/css/app.css
* creating hello_phoenix/web/static/css/phoenix.css
* creating hello_phoenix/web/static/js/app.js
* creating hello_phoenix/web/static/js/socket.js
* creating hello_phoenix/web/static/assets/robots.txt
* creating hello_phoenix/web/static/assets/images/phoenix.png
* creating hello_phoenix/web/static/assets/favicon.ico
* creating hello_phoenix/test/controllers/page_controller_test.exs
* creating hello_phoenix/test/views/layout_view_test.exs
* creating hello_phoenix/test/views/page_view_test.exs
* creating hello_phoenix/web/controllers/page_controller.ex
* creating hello_phoenix/web/templates/layout/app.html.eex
* creating hello_phoenix/web/templates/page/index.html.eex
* creating hello_phoenix/web/views/layout_view.ex
* creating hello_phoenix/web/views/page_view.ex

Fetch and install dependencies? [Yn] 
* running npm install && node node_modules/brunch/bin/brunch build
* error command failed to execute, please run the following command again after installation: "npm install && node node_modules/brunch/bin/brunch build"

We are all set! Run your Phoenix application:

    $ cd hello_phoenix
    $ mix deps.get
    $ mix phoenix.server

You can also run your app inside IEx (Interactive Elixir) as:

    $ iex -S mix phoenix.server

Before moving on, configure your database in config/dev.exs and run:

    $ mix ecto.create


$ cd hello_phoenix
$ mix deps.get


$ mix phoenix.server
warning: found quoted keyword "test" but the quotes are not required. Note that keywords are always atoms, even when quoted, and quotes should only be used to introduce keywords with foreign characters in them

==> file_system
Compiling 7 files (.ex)
Generated file_system app
==> connection
Compiling 1 file (.ex)
Generated connection app
==> gettext
Compiling 1 file (.yrl)
/usr/lib/erlang/lib/parsetools-2.1.8/include/yeccpre.hrl: no such file or directory
could not compile dependency :gettext, "mix compile" failed. You can recompile this dependency with "mix deps.compile gettext", update it with "mix deps.update gettext" or clean it with "mix deps.clean gettext"

微妙。なんか紆余曲折の末、mix deps.get でなんとかなりました。がしかし駄目。ドキュメントの通り、以下を実行。

$ sudo apt-get install erlang-dev








phoenix のハロワは動いた。以下を云々する方向ですが、とりあえず別件対応させて頂きます。

TODO 回線切り換え

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