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English Grammer in Use 乱暴メモ (4)

verb + preposition 2 は about と for になっています。

verb + about

  • talk / read / know ABOUT …, tell somebody ABOUT …
  • have a discussion ABOUT と discuss something の違い
  • do something ABOUT something は do something to improve a bad situation

verb + for

  • ask (something) FOR …


  • apply (TO a person, a company etc.) FOR a job etc.
  • wait FOR …
  • search (a person / a place / a bag etc.) FOR …
  • leave (a place) FOR another place

Care about, car for and take care of

  • care ABOUT somebody/something は think about somebody/something is important
  • care what/where/how … という about ナシの言い方

care FOR somebody/something の意味について

  • like something (usually negative sentences)
  • look after somebody

take care OF は look after, keep safe, take responsibibility for と同義

Look for および look after について

  • look FOR … は search for, try to find
  • look AFTER … は take care of, keep safe or in good condition