debugging with sixth sense

English Grammer in Use 乱暴メモ (13)


Present continuous (I am doing)


  • I am doing something = I’m in the middle of doing it; I’ve started doing it and I haven’t finished:
  • You can use the present continuous with today / this week / this year etc.

始めてて終わっていない状態であれば使えると。あとは changes happening around now なナニについて話をしている時に特に以下の動詞で present continuous が使えるとのこと。

  • get
  • change
  • become
  • increase
  • rise
  • fall
  • grow
  • improve
  • begin
  • start

Present simple (I do)

thing in general なソレについて話をするときに使う、とのこと。

  • do/does は疑問文や否定文で使います
  • よくヤるナニについて話をする時に使います


  • I promise
  • I apologise
  • I advise
  • I insist
  • I agree
  • I refuse

Present continuous and present simple 1 (I am doing and I do)


  • I always do (something) = I do it every time
  • I’m always losing things = I lose things very often, perhaps too often, or more often than normal


Present continuous and present simple 2

む、continuous forms は始まってるけど終わっていない

  • actions
  • happenings


  • think を ‘believe’ あるいは ‘have an opinion’ の意味で使うのであれば continuous は使わない
  • think を ‘consider’ の意図で使うのであれば continuous が使える
  • see / hear / smell / taste は continuous では使わないけど can 付けることがある
  • am / is / are being は how somebody is behaving な表現に用います